Friday, October 7, 2011

AT&T Stupidity and the Stupid CA Sales Tax Laws


Erickson Ilog: so how much will the sales tax be
Sandra Kelba: I'm still checking, one moment.
Sandra Kelba: The state government tax is 7.25%.
Erickson Ilog: is it based on 299
Erickson Ilog: or the real cost of the iphone?
Sandra Kelba: The price you pay for the phone, so if you ordered the 32g then yes it would be on the $299.99.
Erickson Ilog: that's not what the customer service on the phone said
Erickson Ilog: she said it's based on the real price of the iphone
Sandra Kelba: These questions are better answered by your local government.
Erickson Ilog: lol
Erickson Ilog: uhm
Erickson Ilog: not really
Erickson Ilog: you should be informed
Erickson Ilog: since you work in customer service
Sandra Kelba: This is the information directly from my files: This California sales tax applies to the sale and rentals of equipment and accessories. CA law requires that on bundled transactions, for example equipment and service purchased together, phones will be taxed at the greater of the actual selling price or the MSRP of the handset.
Erickson Ilog: so that means the original price
Erickson Ilog: and not the bundled price
Erickson Ilog: so you are wrong
Erickson Ilog: it's not 299
Erickson Ilog: but the 750 dollars
Erickson Ilog: am i correct?
Sandra Kelba: We are not tax experts unfortunately. Please check with your local government as that is the information we are provided.
Erickson Ilog: goodness, it's not a tax expertise that i want to get from you but an answer from a well informed customer service person
Erickson Ilog: simple question,
Erickson Ilog: is it based on the 299
Erickson Ilog: or the real price of an iphone.
Erickson Ilog: you answered 299
Erickson Ilog: but that's not what the pre-typed copy and pasted info you posted on the chat box says
Sandra Kelba: I can answer questions about your AT&T phones, plans and services, however I am not a tax expert by any means, California has very different laws then most states.
Erickson Ilog: You're stupid.

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