Wednesday, October 5, 2011

On Steve Job Passing Away

flipinla1078: steve jobs died
flipinla1078: wuhikm
gtaklee: that's so sad
gtaklee: i'm reading on gizmodo
flipinla1078: im about to cry
flipinla1078: wait
flipinla1078: not yet
flipinla1078: but almost
gtaklee: me totooo
gtaklee: omg
gtaklee: my eyes are welling up
gtaklee: poor steve
gtaklee: poor us that we don't get anything else from him
flipinla1078: poor us
gtaklee: OOH
gtaklee: lol
gtaklee: if i have to go back to PC in 10 years
gtaklee: i'm going to be so mad
flipinla1078: i'm happy i'm a hybrid
flipinla1078: lol
gtaklee: there is nowhere in my life
gtaklee: where i could use a PC
gtaklee is typing...
gtaklee: i don't think
flipinla1078: LOL
flipinla1078: i love pc
flipinla1078: i love mac
flipinla1078: i love both

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